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I need money - free money to help pay bills

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The first place to look when you need help to pay your bills.

Everyone is hurting (financially) right now. Recession, depression, call it what you want, the fact of the matter is: there is not enough. Our country has enough, it's just not getting to the people who need it. Families are expected to work more and get by with less. It's ridiculous. When and where will it end? I have revamped my national organizations page to, hopefully, make it more user friendly. In addition, please check out these other incredible pages :

****All direct links are in green or yellow

Please note, even though we try to, we cannot answer every post.



Lady Christie,



The NATIONWIDE organizations listed below can assist you with your basic needs, including: food, clothing, rent, utilities, transportation, back to school needs, medical, dental, and holiday needs.

IF they cannot assist you, they may be able to refer you to someone who can.

  • A service of United way – lists most nonprofit organizations in your local area
  • available in most counties (not all)
  • available both online and by calling 2-1-1 in your area ( free call)

Support for military personnel and their families
Assistance just for military and their families

Government benefits
Find out what government benefits you may qualify for

Social Services

the first place to go when in need – they can help with child care, child support, rental assistance, food stamps, healthcare, burial assistance, temporary financial assistance, etc.

Local benefits by state
Select a State from the map to view a list of the selected State's benefit programs.

American Public Human Services Association

Internet site that list social service agencies by state. A NATIONWIDE listing of social services offices and applications online
To apply for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income


looking for something? Getting rid of something? Check out FreeCycle!

The following organizations may be able to fill in the gaps, or help, when Social Services cannot:

Emergency food and shelter board program

  • The EFSP National Board does not provide direct client assistance. Direct assistance is provided through a variety of resources, which may include EFSP funding in your community. If you are in search of assistance for yourself or someone you know, you should look in the community services section of your local telephone directory. You should find these pages in the front of your directory and should look for listings for American Red Cross, Catholic Charities or Catholic Social Services, The Salvation Army, United Way Information and Referral, or other non-profit service providers. You may also click on Funded Organizations, here or on the EFSP homepage, to find organizations funded through EFSP in your community who may be able to assist or refer you to the appropriate assistance.





government program part of social services
Specifically for pregnant/postpartum women and children UNDER 5 - government program part of social services

Find a food co-op near you!

Angel Food Ministries – listings by state



utility assistance - government program part of social services



If you need rental assistance this is the place to start. Subsidized housing is based on your income and often times it is much quicker to get into a subsidized apartment than to wait for a Section 8 Subsidy approval
Also check out
how subsidized rent is determined


HUD/SECTION 8/Govt subsidized housing
Section 8 housing usually has a long list because the subsidy is attached to the person, not the property. This means that regardless of where the person lives, they still get the subsidy. In NY the waiting list is 8-10 years.

****If at anytime, you are denied accessibility to applying for any program, you should contact your local city, county, or state leaders and have them intervene on your behalf. - THIS APPLIES TO ANYONE WHO IS DENIED ASSISTANCE.

HOWEVER, there is another alternative. Subsidized housing where the subsidy stays with the property rather than with the renter. You would still pay the same amount of rent - it is based on your income - but you would have to move into a government subsidized property.

In most cases, these are handicapped accessible, family oriented, all the maintenance is included - among other things.

I am including the link for HUD below - just click on the proper state and take it from there. You will need a minimal security deposit - which you may be able to get from social services or another charitable organization.

Regardless of how long the list is you should still be able to be put on the list.
Contributed links:

hud rental assistance

fair housing act

home page

Americans with disabilities act homepage

Does NOT help individuals, BUT does have a lot of information and links for individuals- please browse through the site for more information.


Department of Labor
Can assist with: unemployment, job search, resumes, job training, wage and hour, layoffs, overtime, workplace safety, retirement and health benefits, and disability questions.
Ways to Work
How can you work if you have no transportation? Most social services programs do offer bus passes to help you get to and from work. This is different. This is NOT part of social services. This is a LOAN program specifically for low income families in need of a car or car repair, who do NOT qualify for conventional loans. They have their own set of requirements and are NOT available in every state.


Free Application for Federal Student Aid - FAFSA
government grants to finance your education



United Health Care Childrens Foundation
Grants, up to $5,000, can help families pay for the costs associated with therapies such as speech, physical and psychotherapy sessions; for medical equipment such as wheelchairs, braces, hearing aids and eye glasses; and for orthodontia and dental treatments.

Childrens Healthcare Emergencies

United Health Care Children’s Fund might be able to help. "Grants, up to $5,000, can help families pay for the costs associated with therapies such as speech, physical and psychotherapy sessions; for medical equipment such as wheelchairs, braces, hearing aids and eye glasses; and for orthodontia and dental treatments."

Partnership for Prescription Assistance
assistance with medications for those without insurance

Donated Dental services
In each state at least one program coordinator is responsible for determining that applicants are either disabled, elderly or medically compromised and have no other way for paying for dental care.

Together Rx

discount card for prescriptions




evander holyfield foundation

non-profit organization reaching out to hard-working individuals and families who suddenly find themselves faced with small, emergency expenses that they have no way to afford on their own

Listing of organizations which grant wishes to disabled, terminally ill, children and adults.

loan program for people - from people


How To Locate Small Business Grants,
Government Grants, and Other Grant Money



(In other words, I wasn’t sure where to put these!)

Toys for Tots
Christmas assistance for families with children

Credit counseling



· money management. Org






If you need financial assistance, for a pet who is ill, check out this page:
National financial assistance organizations for pets

nichy org - resources

a series of Web resource pages on topics of high interest and concern. They're intended to connect you quickly with a range of resources, materials, and guidance on these topics.

is it a scam?

fraud and scam information

This is one site you have to see for yourself! If you want to start a non-profit, volunteer, get involved, or just do some research, this is the place to start!


Is there a sex offender living near you? find out here


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A little about our situation. I met my girlfriend 2 years ago. It started as a long distance relationship (we are from Oregon btw); I lived in a big city and she was from a small town. In order to sustain the relationship I had to make a sacrifice. So, I quit my job and found a new one in the small town after searching for nearly a year and a half. We love each other very much and want to get married in the future. The job I took is essentially a minimum wage job though and does not cover all our bills. The economy is tough too and this is a small college town we both live in now; so a lot of the job openings go very quickly to college students. It's very hard to compete. It is difficult to find a brand new better-paying job let alone a part-time one for supplemental income. Also, my girlfriend has an epilepsy condition that limits how often she can work. As you can imagine, this makes it hard for my girlfriend to find a job that gives her enough hours. Currently, she is only working 6 hours a week. So, thusly she is behind on her medical and credit card bills. Also, I have had to run up my credit card to buy gas and groceries each month so we aren't hemorrhaging money all the time. But we still lose about $100-$200 every month (what we make vs. all our bills and expenses as a couple). We are both not doing so well either, I suffer from a lot of panic attacks and anxiety because of our financial situation. Sometimes I lay awake at night in bed and my heart is racing and I can't relax at all. I'm also feeling more and more depressed day by day. We desperately need to get back on our feet again and pay off all our bills. Ideally, we would like to rebuild our savings account too. We greatly appreciate anybody that would be kind enough to help us out. The economy is in shambles and normally I don't like to beg for money; it's a very hard thing to do. But if we don't take action now we will go broke. Anything will help, thank you so much and god bless. We have set up a free blog page that has a link to my paypal on it. Again thank you so much :)


We have also set up a page that tells our story on which is a popular website for people who are struggling to make ends meet. PLEASE NO SCAMMERS! I don't wanna have to worry about somebody trying to send fake money or anything like that.

Couple seeking help A.S.A.P. Please anything will help!
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I have to pay my electric bill before July 22nd for my power is going to be shut off. Is there anyone out there that will pay this?
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loving care   in reply to starmoney
Please help me
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Ken78
Hi ken I talk to u back in DEC u said u would come back and letw know how u was doing well for me I got to have surgery next Thur but I will be OK but let me know how u are And the kids
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need help!!!   in reply to The man 25
Talk to need help!!!
need help!!!   in reply to
I need help now no place to live with two small children can use some money & help with a place to call home
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starmoney   in reply to sonshinesas
Yea I agree... I feel the main reason for the difficulty for finding help is un honest people... After being in my situation and researching sites that claim to help ones in need I have found many people that are in just as bad or not worse shape than myself and family .. This has mad me very sad and I have been brain storming not only to find ways to help myself but others in need..... If anyone has any suggestions please comment...Last night I decided to make a life passion to help people in need....... .
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sonshinesas   in reply to starmoney
No such thing as free money.
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Need help right now
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  in reply to 963852741
I came on here when my apt burned last year & I as well as you got no replies for advice on where I could get assistance to pay bills or find a new place to live!! This site is 4 talking about your needs not how to fix them...I really wish I could help every person here but I am just like all of you in need of help!!! Do keep trying where you are for help...there has to be places where you are that will help you or point you in the right direction there always is its finding help that's the hard there a Salvation Army where you live??? Find them ask them where to get help they pointed me in the direction & helped as much as they could!! God Bless Darlin' I will pray for you just don't give up on yourself n your baby inside you & I know you will find help outthere
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Maar   in reply to woman in a shoe
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woman in a shoe   in reply to diizymom49
Hi can u post your county over there for me
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woman in a shoe   in reply to diizymom49
OK hit on my picture than u will see one to one hit on that than u can post it to me me and u are the only one that can see it on that page
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diizymom49   in reply to woman in a shoe
I need to know how to send you the information that you need without putting it in the post?
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woman in a shoe   in reply to diizymom49
The person u post to not been on here I'm years
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woman in a shoe   in reply to diizymom49
1 when u sign up for sad it take a while most people don't get it the first go around put in for your herring if u don't u will lose all that money that started the frost day u call I know one person that it took 9 years to get it I know a few others that it took 5 years u just keep asking from one thing to another till u get it. But send me your city state county where I can see if I can fine u any help with rent. There no cash on this site please send info
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My family is about to become homeless because we are way behind in our rent. The reason that we are behind in our rent is because my husband and both got hurt and we are unable to work at this time. I fell last year and I do not qualify for SSD and my husband fell this past February and has been unable to go back to his job yet because the job requires heavy lifting and he is unable to do that right now. So id there is any way that anyone can help us pay on our rent please reply to this. I have contacted all of the local agencies in the area where I live and they have not responded to my emails or phone calls.
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Much Love   in reply to Taryth
Breathe in, exhale, repeat. You are in a tuff situation...with a new baby comes many expectations of perfection. Baby doesnt know or care if you are on aid. If you are high risk in your pregnancy all that worrying isnt going to be healthy for the baby inside you or when it comes out. Do you have family you can turn to right now while you are pregnant? If not, call 211 to see if there are homes for young pregnant woman that at least you can go to til you are back on your feet.

There are many reasons why a man cant get or find a job. I dont know what your boyfriend's is. Perhaps he has same high expectations of perfection to do for his new family or he is freaking out & not trying at all, or your area is job thin. Your baby doesnt care if daddy makes $20 an hour or $9. You will make it. But if you dont ask family or call that 211 as well as talk to your bf about what might be keeping him from finding a job, you might lose that baby due to stress. And no matter how difficult things look Sweetie, I know you love that child inside of you more than you ever thought you could love anyone & losing him or her would devastate you. So please take care of yourself. Putting your needs first could mean saving your baby's life.
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cindywasty   in reply to Taryth
Taryth,what i can say is that,tell your boy friend to start up a small bussiness of his own so that he can take care of your and your on born child.
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The man 25   in reply to The man 25
God will Help you
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