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I need money - free money to help pay bills

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Hi my name i shaneequa nd i have three children six months two and eight but i am iin jam i just recently got section eight because my complex where i live is currently shutting down but i have a n old pseg Bill in my name the problem in having is that in order for me to get the light put on in my new place i have to pay them at least 1767.35 because the bill is 3535.67 if i don't get this done like THis week i am going to lose my section eight and i don't have no where to go with my children and i can't afford that i am so stressed that it is making me sick i am willing to pay someone baking the can help because this is an emergency i am so scared i need help asap my number is 973 343 3613 for anyone who can help please
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Need help paying my electric bill its due today and also need gas money contact me at
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Need help paying the rest of my phone bill
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Cynthia Howard
I use free sites and my blog to earn money online, by little brother is helping me by putting out flyers all over the neighborhood, he's my hero.
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young boy in need

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I am 35 years old and a mother of three wonderful children. Back in Feb 19th of this year my daughter called me to tell me that social services was gonna be pull her from school due to being abused by her father and his girlfriend. She asked me to go and get her. I called worked to tell them of my situation and I had another co worker cover my shift. My daughter lives with her dad in Kansas City Kansas and I live in Iowa...I explained to her and the school that it would take me 3 1/2 hours to get there. And they said that they understand but to make sure that I bring custody agreement so that I can take her back with me. By the time i got there, which was less than 3 hours, they pulled her anyway....and I was lost I called DCF and the juvenile detention center to find her. During all this sadness I made sure that I contacted work, my boss, and the co worker that was covering my shift. They said just keep them informed and that since my shift was covered I was fine. After the secon day of being in Kansas I got word of my daughter and that she will stay in custody for evaluation. She was there for a week in a half.........I contacted boss to let him know I was on my way back to make my scheduled shift.. When I returned to work, I was fired due to personal issues. They even had the nerve to tell me good luck with my daughter. I signed up for Family Investment Plan, which helps families in need and to get you back to being stable. They put you through job training and you can receive certificates in field desired after being tested on job strengths
Well during all this and keeping up with DCF and Family Preservation Services about my daughter, they returned back to her father because of jurisdiction issues. They even asked my daughter where and who she wanted to live with and she mention," with mom". They told her they could not...regardless of the joint custody agreement. I just received a letter in the mail that her father was founded for emotional abuse and is now on the child registry list
I receive money through promise jobs, but not enough to afford a lawyer who is asking for a 2000 retainer...I don't have that money and I fell like i am failing my daughter. Where can I go to get help with money and I don't have a job...and I am a very hard worker. I need the financial help to fight this custody issue. Since all this has happened her father now refuses to let me talked to her and DCF acts like they don't care. We have a parent time agreement that is being violated. Ive gone into a deep depression and slowly am climbing back out of it
Need help on where I can get 2000 dollars, someone give me a word on where or what I can do
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I am a US Soldier that has done everything wrong with his money. However I had 500 dollars on Friday I was scammed from a loan company saying I had to pay to get the loan I did and then they took all my money and told me I am not getting a loan and have to pay cancellation fee of 150 in order to get my 500 back I don't have 150. What can I do my electric bill is due Tuesday and I don't get paid until Friday.
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hello my name is Ryan I am a 30 year old father of three awesome kids. my wife passed away 5 weeks ago of a pulmonary embolism (blood clot) it was very unexpected here one minute gone the next. the life insurance we have through my job is not wanting to pay they say the proof of insurability info didnt roll over from 2012. my HR department is fighting for me right now but doesnt look good. also i had to hire a lawer for a custody battle as my step sons bio dad is trying to take him from me now that mom is gone. i will not let this happen!! i have been his father for almost 8 years, the other guy had him for 6 months. this has been my top priority but as a result of paying several thousand here and there for this matter i have let some other things slip and cant seem to get my head back above watter. my children are receiving their survivor benifets wich helps but i feel bad using it even though i know its in their best interest. i owe the funeral home 4000. just signed voluntary repo stuff for my wifes car as i could not sell it or make payments so the bank is going to auction it off and i will have to pay the differance. i have 15,000 in medical bills that are starting to go to collections, i am getting a different notice every week. i just finished paying off one garnishment and here comes the next one. so i guess the question is... got any advice?
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katang   in reply to Glory Be
Thanks Mr-K; tried travelers aid,salvation army, catholic charities, st. vincent depaul; even social services. Apparently I am not worth helping.
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Glory Be   in reply to katang
Try: http://www.travelersaid.o...
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I am in a bad place; I moved to Florida for my daughter and grandson. One month after I arrived my daughter took off. Left me stranded. Finding a job here has proved to be almost impossible. First job closed without warning, 4 months later second job fires me, I worked to well??? What thats about is beyond me. Now here I am almost totally without money. All I want to do is go back to NY; at least there I know I can support myself. My age and experience in the food industry is respected in NY. I had a great job, cute apartment, close friends and now nothing. Since the country took a turn for the worse my friends need all their funds for themselves. How to I get out of here?? Seems like you need to be a drug addict or have a drinking problem to get any help!!! I hate to feel as if following my heart and doing for a family member was the wrong decision; but my growling stomach and the tears I shed are making me believe. How do I get myself out of here?
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BaddCatt   in reply to Cynthia Howard
Cynthia, you totally lost me on that one! Care to explain?
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Cynthia Howard
I'm not the fastest car in the race but I got a turtle rug no one else can stand on.
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My name is Bradley. I work full time 50 hours a week. I am sick but have had to walk 4 miles to work and back in the dark of the night, cold weather, ice/snow, and rain. I just got married and haven't been able to see my husband in a month because he has no car. My job just scrapes my bills and have hardly any leftover for food. I have been eating graham crackers and grape juice to get by.
My car just broke down and i had to put a new engine in it. The cost that i have to pay is about 900 dollars. I can't afford it because right now I only have 87 dollars in the bank. I don't know what to do :(. I have looked at loans, borrowing from friends/relatives, and negotiating the mechanic bill but none of those options worked. Does anybody have any advice as to what I can do? My landlord just increased my rent so I may be homeless pretty soon. I am tired and exhausted from all of the stress this has put on me :(.
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Glory Be   in reply to shemmy
What state is she in? Tell her to contact http://www.travelersaid.o... . I don't think they are in every state though. I know of one person that has gotten gas money and another that got a bus ticket from them.
Good luck!
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I am desperate to get my daughter home. She is several states away and is in need for help to get back to me to help her and help my grandson...I am very limited on husband is passed and i have no extended family still alive to help us...Please if anyone has any suggestions...I would drive to get her but can not afford the gas..Help us figure this out I'm desperate to save them...
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me my girlfreind and her son well become homeless on the frist of April i have record and she got laid off i also just found that i have arthritis in my back we just need a helping hand fo come up wifh money for getting into a place and tto also pay our storage bill which two hunderd by the sixtenth

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I need help.. I am not going to make it much longer.. I'm writing this in tears... My wife is going to give up soon.. and if I lose her I will not survive.. I lost my job right after we were married and built up debt paying bills and food for the two of us...I have an education and I found a job but my financial situation is dire.. I just need to get through this hard time without losing my wife and my life.. please God help me now..
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I am writing today and swallowing all my pride.

I am a hard working American Woman.

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister

A cousin a niece. A granddaughter (my grandparents have retired to heaven)

A friend, a neighbor. I am a Christian. I am a volunteer.

I am a mentor, PTA member. A shoulder to cry on.

I am strong. I am now on my knees.

I have bad credit. For reasons beyond my control.

My husband was laid off from his hard labor job.

He now receives a very small income from the state.

My income is laughable. I apply for a better job. Even went on some interviews.

I pawned my wedding ring. (One of the saddest days of my life)

Now I sit here. Taking a deep breath and praying that I can keep food in my children's bellies. Our oldest is preparing for track season. Which would be a miracle if we can afford. Our youngest requires regular doctors visits. He is autistic.

I pray somehow. SomewAy. That our family can make it through this struggle.

Meanwhile. I have the threat of utility disconnection. Eviction from our home that we worked do hard on. Our only vehicle being seized. And the stark reality that hunger may be at our doorstep soon.

If only there was someone that could even grant is a Liam to make ends meet untily husband goes back to work.

As I said before I am strong. But I'm feeling very overwhelmed.

Thank you for letting me vent
God Bless you
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I am an Ergonomics Engineer who graduated from Arizona State University in 2009 and am seeking to move home to California. I am a native Californian but have no contacts there.
There is no work in Arizona, so, I have no money and cannot find work. I will continue looking for an ergonomics job when I get to California. I need a place to live in California (not in snow country) for myself and my well-behaved Himalayan cat, storage for my posessions and money to make the move--about $1000 for moving van rental, gas first month's utilities. I continue looking for a house sitting opportunity in California.
I am seeking to move by April 5, 2013.
Thank you for your time and help.
May the Lord bless you.
Best Regards,
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