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I need money - free money to help pay bills

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mad Greek
Hello fello americans out work have health issues please help me
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I know that we all are in need of some sorts. my Wife just had a tia stroke and can not work I am on ssi. we pray all the time and put our trust in God . we just make the rent. we have car payments and elec and food money to come up with. so we are selling a lot of things to make ends meet. ... If any one can help ? May Jesus Christ Bless you all.
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I am also in desperate need of help. I posted my story in the form of a campaign at Any and all help is thoroughly appreciated.
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hello everyone..if you need help or know someone who does (friend or family) go to community and submit your story to raise funds..they launched not long ago and have a few causes/stories being funded..hope this blessed!
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I am in desperate need of help I recently had a little girl three weeks ago and lost my job because of it got fired because they wouldn't give me medical leave I've been filling out application's. im a hard working father with a two girls 3 week old and 2 year old. but now the end of the month is coming and im 700 dollars behind no gas and about to get electric shut off I just need help threw this month I will have a new job soon I don't get food stamps or aid im just in a rut need help to get by thanks and anything helps
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betty beard
Hi. I need help with basic things.soap, and shampoo.I'm a single mother trying to get by.please ,7578310263. If you can help also need a job. Thanks.

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Please be kind enough to help me with some money to pay up my bills and college fee. i promise to pay u back little by little
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scotty013445   in reply to starmoney
maybe you can help me me go to phillpines to reunite with my wife and son who i haven't seen in six years
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scotty013445   in reply to SisterServant
dear sister i bsleave you that prayer is really nice i say the lords prayer ever day when i wake i be leave he is listening to me i know i will see my wife and son soon in the phillpines i haven't seen them in six years due to finical difficultly god bless
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Berlin Wall
Hi here u some info north Dakota housing 1800-292-8621 rent. Burleigh county 255-2540. North Dakota dept of commerce 328-2618. These 3 fine the numbers for they help community action. Salvation army st Vincent due Paul hope this helps u
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I need help in Houston tx
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Berlin Wall
OK got it I will look now
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Berlin Wall   in reply to woman in a shoe
Bismarck need help with bills
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Berlin Wall
Hi john sent u didn't want to give me your city u can type this need help with bills city state. But there no resources that will pay for car insurance or child support. But if they got the funds they will help with rent and utilities
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Berlin Wall
Hi can u please give me your city I look under your county there no help there. For me to help now I need city
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Berlin Wall
OK thinks for give me the info where I can look for u. But I can only give u info where u mite get help. Sent u not marry to your girlfriend to help y out have her go sign up for her and the baby and wic but going to write your info down now and see what I can fine for u
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Berlin Wall   in reply to woman in a shoe
hello my name is john and im in burleagh county north dakota. i need help finding assistance paying my rent, car insurence, child support, and utilities. i just started a full time job and wont get paid till the middle of next month. my bills are all due now. i have a 1 year old girl and my fiance to support and im scared im not gunna be able to make it right now. do u have any advice?
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Rusty Rizm
I am sorry but there no cash on this site. Plus the ones on here not got any money
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Rusty Rizm   in reply to woman in a shoe
need money now bad in australia gold coast qld
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woman in a shoe   in reply to randg ol lady
Give me your city state county I will look and see what's out there. A lot of people on here with some of the information I give them they say they have never heard of them.
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